Welcom to my personal blog called /dev/null. My name is Christian Benstein and I write about macOS based workflow’s, Obsidian and Things3. My philosophy is that your mind was not created to store information but to act on it and create. We have great tools at our disposal, it’s up to you to use the. On of my favoriet analogies to this is “The computer should be a bicycle 🚲 for your mind”.

Some info about this blog

  • I use Categories and Tags to group my posts, this was inspired by The Difference Between Good and Bad Tags)
    • Categories are groups of posts under a specific topic, like Productivity or Jekyll. I use them like I would use tags to group under a topic.
    • Tags are useed to group posts around an object, real or conceptual.
  • I also recently started sharing some of my study notes on the RedHat Exam 280.
  • Any questions? Talk .md to me over at GitHub

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