Adding Az Context to PowerShell

If you’re using Az command’s a lot an PowerShelling to different tenant’s you probably already have Context saving turnt off. If not, you might want to run it with: Disable-AzContextAutosave More info over at Ms Docs With Autosave disabled you don’t have to worry (or worry less) about starting a new PS session and firing off commands at the ...

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Bye bye Caps Lock - Re-mapping Caps to CTRL

HOW OFTEN DO YOU USE CAPS LOCK? Not a lot right. So let’s re-map that key. In my setup I like to use the Caps Lock as 2nd CTRL key. This way I don’t have to fold up my pinky to use that ow so important CTRL+C & CTRL+V. That being said and done. Let’s get going. Changing the mapping requires you to edit some REG’s. Using the following lines ...

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