How to customize the appearance of tags in Obsidian

In this note I wil show and tell how to change the appearance of certain Tag’s based on the content of the Tag using CSS


Now you can create custom tag’s that match on you existing tag’s. I’m using a simple evergreen system to show the status of my notes. In this instance I’m going to map the following tag’s:

  • #Evergreen/Seedling🌱 SEEDLING
  • #Evergreen/Sapling🪵 SAPLING
  • #Evergreen/Evergreen🌲 EVERGREEN

I’m also going to change the background color of the tag, just to let it stand out a bit more.

Creating a custom css file

You can easily add custom CSS to Obsidian using CSS Snippets. These are located in your vault located in the vault/.obsidian/snippets/. Create a custom file (for example customTags.css) and enable the snippet in Obsidian settings. See the official documentation over at .

Creating custom tag’s

Using the following CSS code we can easily create the custom Tag’s:

This will map the CSS to the tag’s and will create the following output: Example Tags

Feel free to play around with your own CSS hacks! is a great tool that’s easily customized.

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