Simple DIY Wood Palmrest

With the Corona crisis in full swing (which forces us all to work from home) I decided I needed a palm rest for my 60% AnnePro2. Not being willing to shell out 20-40 dollars on a plastic one that would ship next week I decided to take to the internet and some good old handy work. Being inspired by [] I decided to give it a try.


After doings some basic measurements I went to to hardware store to find some scrap woud (they somethimes offer these at local hardware store). I found a piece that fit almost perfectly and after taking a bit off I was happy


Sanding and shaping

True to the tutorial I mapped of a simple edge and sanded it down. I also added soma anti slipping rubbers.



I decided to apply a bit of wood oil I had left from Ikea. It gave it a light finish and didn’t make it to slick


Final Result

Pretty happy with it


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