Fixing Windows scaling issues on the Surface Pro

We all know that scaling on Windows has … some issues. If you use a Surface Device and Surface dock’s a lot you’ll run in to countless situations where you need the famous CRTL+WIN+ALT+B shortcut thank me later.

So, the biggest problem comes when you’re using screens that are scaled differently. for example, if screen 1 is at 125% and screen 2 is at 200% windows will have to try it’s best to keep them coherent. a way around this is of course to set all the screens to the same scaling. Wich in turn will A: make everything tiny, or B wont make the best use of your nice Surface device …

Here is a small guide for the later

  1. Install CRU tool to add a custom resloution to your Surface display link

  2. Add said resolution, in my case it is 1440x960



  2. Select the custom resolution and set scaling to 100%


Small side note, Windows will somethimes ‘resset’ your resoloution when connection to new displays.

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