Using AppleScript to quick add Things3 to Fantastical3

Calendar blocking (the process of marking of pieces of time in your calendar to work on a given task) can be a real productivity booster. Not only does it help you in planning out your day it also creates a visible representation of what you have done in a week.

Because I already keep track of the things I want to do in the amazing task app Things3 I added a simple workflow to copy over selected todo’s to my calendar app of choice Fantastical. This keeps the content of my todo’s consistent and removes a lot of friction with daily and weekly planning.

Adding custom scripts to Things3

Things has a great option to add custom script to the menu bar of the application. This is done by:

  1. Quitting Things
  2. Creating the directory ~/Library/Application Support/Cultured Code/Things Scripts using the Terminal:
     $ mkdir ~/Library/Containers/com.culturedcode.ThingsMac/Data/Library/Application\ Support/Cultured\ Code/Things\ Scripts
  3. Change to the dir using:
     $ cd ~/Library/Containers/com.culturedcode.ThingsMac/Data/Library/Application\ Support/Cultured\ Code/Things\ Scripts  
  4. Now you can add custom scripts to this directory

Creating the script

In the directory ~/Library/Containers/com.culturedcode.ThingsMac/Data/Library/Application Support create the script addToFantastical.scpt:

More information about adding scripts can be found on the official support page

Running the script

The script can be accessed from the things3 menu:
Menu Bar item
Menu Bat item - context

❗ When you run these script’s for the first time macOS will ask you for permissions

Running the script will:

  1. Copy the name and note of the current selected todo
  2. Open up Fantastical in quick add mode
  3. Add a event with the name of the todo using the note of the todo as extra content and will set a 1 hour duration of the event

You can customize the script if you like to change the duration of the event or to add the event to a specifiek calendar. For more information see the Dictionary page of the Fantastical app in the AppleScript editor.